The Lego Batman Movie Review

Batman is back, but not Ben Affleck’s version (cause who the hell knows if that is ever happening), but Will Arnett in all his lego glory. The Lego Batman Movie is a spin-off of the highly successful Lego Movie that came out back in 2014. One of the biggest questions surrounding this movie is if a complete story revolving around Lego Batman can be pulled off and work. The answer to that question is – without a doubt! This movie was an absolute joy and surprised me at how much I loved watching it.

That story really centers around the character of Batman and his relationship with his arch-nemesis, The Joker. Surprisingly not only was it an extremely funny comedy but also had a very charming story. It really explored the character of Batman as a whole, revealing what fans of the character know best about him, in a very lighthearted and comedic way, but in no way poking fun at the property.

Being an animated movie about lego, you would assume that it would speak to kids more than adults. The first Lego Movie did a great job at appealing to both adults and kids, and this movie does it even better I feel! This is a fantastic movie for kids and will keep them entertained throughout, but it is also a great experience for adults. There are so many jokes just aimed at adults, that will fly completely over kids heads but adults will laugh hysterically at. This movie is also great if you are a DC fan, or more specifically a Batman fan. There are so many cameos, references, and easter eggs to DC properties and the history of Batman that you’d probably have to watch the movie about ten times to catch them all.

Chris McKay directed this movie to near perfection. His knowledge and love for Batman really shined in this film and it was great to see how much he and the writers understood the character. As previously mentioned, Will Arnett comes back to voice Lego Batman after his small role in the original Lego Movie, but this time he is front and center, and man does he crush it as Batman. He might not be regarded as the best Batman to grace the screen, due to it being animated and lego, but his performance as Batman is outstanding. He too, truly understands who Bruce Wayne/Batman is, and is able to bring that extra flavor to the animated character. Other standout performances were that of Micheal Cera (Robin), Zach Galafanikis (Joker), Rosario Dawson (Barbera Gordon), and Ralph Fiennes (Alfred). This cast is huge, as there are a ton of different characters, but each one brought an element of fun to the movie.

When talking about The Lego Batman Movie, there are really not many negatives to bring up. About 80 percent of the jokes hit and if I was not laughing out loud, I was at least smiling like a little kid. At times the story does get a tad repetitive, but that is pretty much it.

The Lego Batman Movie was able to take what was a great side character from the original Lego Movie, and create his own unique and crazy world and tell an excellent and super funny story. Personally, at this moment I can say I liked Lego Batman just a tiny bit more than The Lego Movie, which might be an unpopular opinion, but they are both tremendous films. The one thing The Lego movie beats Lego Batman in hands down is the original song, as the one from Lego Batman was nowhere near as memorable as Everything is Awesome. All that being said, this movie was an awesome experience, one which I highly recommend you go an experience yourself.

Rating: 9.2/10



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